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At Cortado Productions, we help companies, organizations and individuals to create, produce, record and market their podcasts. We do it all and can guide you through the process with ease.

Podcasts can be just the tool you need to make that extra impression to drive your business or passion forward, whether it’s internal communication, B2B, external communications, or furthering your personal brand.

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Call the Question

Call the Question is a fast-paced podcast hosted by Maria Dobrinskaya and Lesli Boldt. We dig into some of the political issues that are making headlines in Vancouver, B.C. and Canada, with a focus on the perspectives and issues that aren’t getting enough airtime these days. We talk politics. With women. Twice a month, you’ll hear from expert guests who bring smart, interesting, and clever takes on today’s most compelling political issues.

Our Story

Simone Hill

Simone Hill

Meet Simone: producer and logistics maven. She is the master of budgets and production schedules and will keep you on time and organized. She will often come up with the ideas that add a little extra to podcasts and bring your podcast persona to life. She’s got all kinds of enthusiasm and time for people and loves to make you laugh. Feeling a little unsure of how to approach your guests? Not sure how to manage your cash flow and sponsorship? Want some help with your creative direction? Need a little dose of what’s current and shaking in the world? Ask Simone.

Veronique Jones

Meet Ronnie: editor, photographer and digital marketer. She believes every side is your ‘good side’, knows how to leverage your stellar content to boost engagement, and tackles the ‘ums’ and peaking levels of the audio world, creating an audio experience that delights. She’s, for sure, curious and a consumer of all sorts of podcasts; you can be sure she’s listening to yours. Want to step up your website and social media game with photos that are bang-on? Not sure how to map out your content to maximize impact? Feel like you just want to have a laugh with your friends and then have your podcast magically appear in the ears of listeners? Ronnie’s here for you.

Veronique Jones

To hear a little more from us,
check out our Ronnie + Simone podcast.

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Our packages are suggestions based off where you’re at. We also offer additional services beyond podcasting, listed below. No matter what, we want to ensure your needs are met; contact us so we can learn more about you and see what the best fit would be.
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Start-Up Strategy Session

You have the idea but that’s it. This package will guide you through the process of starting up your podcast and set you up for success. We will help with your creative strategy, distribution plan, production and provide practice and feedback.

Just the Basics

You have the whole concept down, you just need the equipment and someone to manage audio and editing.

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

You know what you’re doing, you just need someone to do the work.

Start-Up Strategy Session

  • Social media and marketing management
  • Photography
  • Sponsor Strategy